Image of different syringe needle sizes - Terumo hypodermic needles

SUR-VET® Hypodermic Needles

Bred for performance and known worldwide for sharpness, each SUR-VET needle features a double-bevel design and is precision-ground and honed to exacting standards. This allows the needle to penetrate the skin with less force, resulting in ease of use for clinicians and less stress for pet owners.

100204 20G x 1", Regular Wall Needle
100215 22G x 3/4", Regular Wall Needle
100279 22G x 3/4", Thin Wall Needle
100211 22G x 1", Regular Wall Needle
100220 25G x 5/8", Regular Wall Needle
100280 25G x 5/8", Thin Wall Needle



10 boxes/case(1000)

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